CDL motorsport


Welcome to CDL Motorsport, a family-based drifting team from The Netherlands! Our team has been participating in the sport of drifting for over 6 years, with a focus on perfecting our skills and technique. Our drivers, who happen to be a couple, are passionate about drifting and have dedicated countless hours to honing their craft.

Family-based team

CDL Motorsport is a unique drifting team that is composed of a couple who share a passion for the sport. This family-based team dynamic sets them apart from other teams and adds a special element of closeness and collaboration that can be advantageous in competitions.

Focus on skill development

CDL Motorsport has been participating in the sport of drifting for over six years, and during that time they have focused on perfecting their skills and technique. This dedication to skill development is a key factor in their success, and it shows their commitment to excellence. 

Determination to compete at the highest level

The team has set their sights on competing in the Nurburg Drift Cup in 2024, which is a highly-regarded drifting competition in the Benelux region and attracts top drivers from across Europe. This demonstrates their determination and willingness to take on the best drifters in the world, and it shows that they are not afraid to challenge themselves and push beyond their limits.

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